crafting a meaningful morning routine-part 1

During my first semester of culinary school I had a 7am class. One of my classmates was fond of saying we were up “before God”. I go to work 2 hours before that.

The past few months, as I delve deeper into the Live More, Weigh Less lifestyle, I’ve started learning the importance of small daily rituals, including a kickass morning routine. Let me tell you, that 4:20am wake-up makes a morning routine…difficult.


I started by by setting my alarm 10 minutes early and banning pre-work social media. This, I thought, would give me a little extra primping time. Armed with my new 10-minute make-up routine, I was ready to go. I did feel pretty great. It’s nice not feeling ragged first thing. But, alas, this did not last long. Those extra 10-minutes of sleep/snuggling were worth way more that mascara and highlighter. It just wasn’t right.

SO next plan…

I’ve been a crazy diet soda addict since, well, forever.  But, as I started listening more to my body, I’ve realized I just don’t like it as much as I used to. I still drink a few a week, sticking mainly to zero or “real sugar” varieties. This put me in a hard place. Craving that early morning caffeine hit, but lacking an easy supply. Hot coffee at work isn’t available until 6ish, and I’m not a huge fan. I’ve been surviving on energy water flavorings. Ultimately, those are pretty u satisfying, but, what was a girl to do?

Then I came across this review for a single-serving cold brew coffee bottle. WHAT! I’ve experimented with cold brew but I’ve found it either a pain or expensive. Nothing I could really stick to. This though? This is fantastic. Easy to use, I just add my coffee in (currently loving this), shame throughout the day, then, in the morning, I add my creamer and am ready to go.

While I don’t have much time to carve out in the morning, this small moment of self-care is wonderful. I get to really enjoy my morning caffeine instead of just chugging whatever is available. Later, I’ll let you in on the other small step I’ve started taking to upgrade my mornings.

Ideally we’d all have ample me-time every morning so we can begin our days like goddesses. The reality is often far from that. Sometimes it’s enough to simply do WHAT you can WHEN you can. So, I challenge you to find one small thing you can do daily. Wear a piece of jewelry or bold lipstick, stretch, say a prayer. It doesn’t have to be big, just something that reminds you that you deserve to have an amazing day.